Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Inspires You?

I love the beach!!  There is just something about it  that draws me in every time.  While I am there I always search for shells.  Sometimes I come up with nothing.  Sometimes I find great stuff.  But then I bring them home and they sit there, in a baggie or jar and just collect dust.  So I thought why not do something with them?  So I did.
I found this shell at Emerald Isle Beach, NC.  It is completely flat.  The waves and sand just worked their magic on it and it turned out like this over who knows how many years.  I added a faux pearl and a multi-faceted crackled glass bead in lavender along with a sterling silver silver dollar charm.  A custom stamped charm could easily be added to this piece that reads, "Life's a beach" or something to that nature.

I really want to go to the beach now!!

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