Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I really like how this one turned out

The washer style necklaces seem to be my most popular.  I like how they have all turned out but I really think this one is super pretty.  It has a beautiful sparkle to it that just catches your eye.  I also tried a different chain with this piece.  It is a faceted ball chain and when the light hits it, BAM-it sure does sparkle.  I wish I could capture that in a picture but I'm not a photographer.

This necklace is on an 18" sterling silver faceted ball chain.  It is a 26mm washer in sterling silver.  The flower charm is a erinite Swarovski crystal drop charm.  This item is $28.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying the nice day AND getting some work done

While my daughter was napping I was actually able to get some work done.  My office/workspace/closet it right next door to the little one's room so banging a hammer against metal is not such a soothing sound for a great napping environment.  So I usually reserve nap time for wire wrapping work (say that 3 times fast) or sanding/polishing/assembly.  However I needed to get cracking on the stampings because I have to get them all done before our Spring Break next week as I do not plan on doing any work during that time.  I grabbed all my supplies, put them in a bucket and planted myself outside on the newly built bench that my husband has made for us.  It was very nice to work outside and actually get some work done!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A place to hang your keys

I made my first key chain today. I like the looks of it. It's simple and not frilly. It's definitely a man thing. This piece is made from a stainless steel disc that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  In addition to stainless steel this piece can be done on aluminum, copper or brass. Using any one of these materials will result in a $10-$15 key chain. It can also be done in sterling silver which would cause the price to increase to $25.

This would be a great gift for Father's Day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Never-ending project

I just finished another piece.  However it took quite awhile to finish.  There just seemed to have been one thing after another go wrong.  First I had a few other pieces I was stamping all on the same day.  I had them separated and prepped by order.  I had done the other 3 no problem.  Then I got this last piece.  I had the first 3 names stamped...done.  I started on the 4th name and, without thinking, I started stamping the 4th name...from the previous order!!  Doh!!!  I contacted the customer and she understood.  I had to order another washer, which would take a week to 10 days to receive.  This after telling her, "no it won't take that long at all to finish".

So I received the second washer and began doing the stamping.  I was VERY careful NOT to stamp any wrong names...done!!!  I started to assemble the Swarovski crystal drops for the birthstones.  What's this?  I don't have any ruby drops???  What!?!  Oh no.  I have to contact her...again...and tell her it's going to be another wait all because of my lack of keeping an inventory list ability.  Oops!!  She said she understood but I would be ticked off if it were me and she may have been really.

But now...IT IS FINISHED!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I made my first Etsy purchase today!!  Yay me!  I ordered some supplies to make a key chain for someone who was referred by a previous customer!!  That's good news.  Word of mouth is really something!  Thanks.

I'm making a key chain similar to this one:
I don't have that font but I suppose that doesn't matter.  I can't wait to get started on it.

FYI- a key chain like this one is $10-15.  It's not sterling silver so that makes it less expensive.  It'll be made from either stainless steel or aluminum with a clip ring attached.  I mean really, what man wants to have a dainty, pretty key chain?  They want it to be chunky and masculine and hardy...grrgrrr (sorry, my inner Tim Taylor just came out a little bit there).

Father's Day is just a month away!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newly registered to NetworkedBlogs

So I finally have a follow button on my page for NetworkedBlogs.  Why not come by and follow me?  I do a lot of cool things.  Who knows?  I may have just what you're looking for!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'll tumble for you...

I got my Lortone tumbler today. I can't wait to use it to strengthen my pieces and get that mirror like shine. Yay.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little bowls of love open lockets

Who says lockets have to lock closed? This is an open locket design using the domed or bowl shaped discs which means the 2 halves sit atop one another but can easily move back and forth. These can also be stamped to your specifications along with your choice of crystal or other embellishment.

love you to the moon and back

A recent customer wanted a special phrase stamped on her necklace.  She and her kids always say to each other, "love you to the moon and back" and that's what she wanted stamped, along with your children's names.  I think this piece turned out really great.  It is stacked with a moon stamp as well as a star stamp.  It also has 2 Swarovski crystal drops in Topaz and Ruby.

My Recent Orders

I have made quite a few necklaces now.  The most popular seems to be a large washer with 4 names and 4 Swarovski crystal drops.  Who knew so many people had 4 kids?
I did make my first stacked charm necklace recently.  I really like the way it turned out.  Embellishing this piece are 2 round Swarovski crystal beads in Garnet and Ruby.
I also made a different style of washer charm.  This one is a washer with a small disc hanging in the center along with 3 Swarovski crystal drops.

So as you can see, there are endless options for your statement piece.

One Word Statements

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry or accessory that will inspire you?  Or push you?  Or just make you remember something special?  I create small tag pieces as well.  The one shown is a "believe" piece but you can choose anything you like.  Some examples are "faith", "strength", "endure", etc.  This piece is embellished with a sapphire Swarovski crystal drop and a Swarovski crystal bicone bead in "clear".  It is a sterling silver rectangle measuring about 1/8" x 1".

Little Bowls of Love

I have a new design element for my statement pieces.  Little Bowls of Love are metal discs dapped into a dome or bowl shape.  Then the crystal bead or drop or embellishment can be nestles down inside it.  It's a very cute looking piece.