Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wire Wrapped Bangle

I just finished my first bangle bracelet.  I have a customer who wanted to get something for her Mom for Mother's Day.  However she wanted it to showcase all of her children as well as their spouses and all 7 of her grandchildren.  We decided on a bracelet because it just seemed like way too many charms to hang on a necklace.
We ran into a few hurdles though.  The cost was rising due to the fact that we were going to need so many stamping blanks.  We were looking at a bracelet that cost over $100!!  I just couldn't do that.  That's just way too much, in my opinion.  So we worked out an idea to have each "family" each stamped onto one of 4 blanks.  I had to use my smalled font to get this to work but I was able to do it.
The bangle itself is made from 14 gauge sterling silver wire which I formed into a bracelet shape and fashioned a twirly "s" hook on each end so that the bracelet can be fastened when worn.
I also added a round Swarovski round crystal bead in garnet for just a little pop of color since she said her Mom really liked deep red.

I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I really enjoy the unique look that the wire wrapping adds to the piece.  It's a great technique because you really can't mess it up.  There's no template.  You just do it how you think it should be done.

This item costs $65.

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